Roscoe’s Featured Friend(s) of the Month: Rocky and Dakota

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This month is Halloween and we have the perfect pair of spooky pooches to kick off the holiday fun! They’re ghostly white with shining eyes and a hair-raising howl that can pierce the silence of any October night. Plus, their last name is a testimony to the best candy Halloween has to offer! Who are we talking about? Why, Rocky and Dakota Reece of course! But don’t get us wrong, the two Husky-mix siblings are far from frightening. In fact, Dakota has been a part of the Roscoe’s family since February of this year while her brother, Rocky, joined us back in March of 2018. Both pups are plenty playful, super snuggly, actively adventurous and we just can’t wait to share their stories with you!

Dakota as a baby after her parents took her home!

It all began back when the pups parents were still living in a 5th floor apartment of a mill building dreaming of the day they could get a dog of their own. At the time, they figured it wasn’t a good fit because of the lack of space but, as fate would have it, Rocky, who was only three-months at the time, appeared to them in a Facebook post. Rocky’s original human caretakers were moving and regretted that they couldn’t take him with them, so they reached out on social media for help and it was none other than The Reece’s who answered! Only eight short hours later and Rocky’s parents found themselves with a timid but adorable little Husky puppy in their apartment who still needed to be potty-trained and have lots of one-on-one attention. However, The Reeces are quick to mention that Rocky was a fast learner, and it wasn’t long before he learned the ropes and became the best dog for their little family!

Rocky keeping his little sister Dakota in line

Fast forward three years and Rocky and his family have actually kept in touch with his original caretakers whom they regularly visit and have play dates with. Rocky’s sister and littermate was still living with them and she was due to have puppies any day! The Reece’s knew they wanted to grow their little family and adopt one of the puppies as their own, so they eagerly awaited for the birth of their new baby. Since dog mom and dad were both black and white Huskies, that’s what the couple assumed they would get but, as they will tell you now, sometimes fate has a sense of humor! Dakota, who was the last pup to be born, was also the only one who came out completely white, just like her soon-to-be big brother Rocky! It was a match made in Heaven, and since the very first day they brought her home, Dakota has been the perfect finish to their little family. Indeed, their mom remarks how Rocky “immediately knew that Dakota was ours the day we brought the little white fluff ball home and they have been inseparable ever since! We love our little white wolf pack and we feel so lucky!”

The two siblings taking a cruise in the car!

Nowadays, brother and sister (who are technically uncle and niece!) couldn’t be more different! While both pups like to run and play at the dog park in their free time, Rocky is the more laid-back and sensitive sibling who would rather be a quiet explorer than a hardcore wrestler. He’s a dog who enjoys long hikes, the occasional pizza crust, and who makes tight connections with his parents on a personal level to the point where he could be mistaken for a wise, old soul. Dakota, on the other hand, is wild and energetic and knows how to howl to get what she wants. She likes to play and romp around the house and has a tendency to not only escape from her crate, but to then open the fridge and all the cabinet doors as she goes. She’s quite feisty indeed, but her parents also note how she’s the best at snuggling and won’t think twice about jumping on the bed and laying her 65 lb. body across their laps. As far as doggy siblings go, we think this pair balance each other out pretty well!

All smiles at daycare!

However, what both Huskies do have in common is their love for playing at Roscoe’s! Their mom comments how “Roscoe’s is a huge hit with both of our pups! They get so excited about going to daycare that they whine when we get close!” For our part, we just love when the two big, white fluff balls come bounding through the door ready to make some trouble! Just like at home, Rocky tends to spend his time with us quietly contemplating while Dakota roughs it up with her more feisty friends. The two have a habit of following each other around and making sure that they each stay out of trouble. However, one thing they both love to do is show off their Husky howls! When these two get singing, it’s quite a show indeed! We’re so honored to be part of their family as much as they’re apart of ours. Keep loving life, you two!

If you want to follow along on the adventurous lives of Rocky and Dakota, check out their instagram @rockiesmodernlife!
And if you want your dog to hang out with the rascally husky pair, feel free to fill out our online form or drop us a line to set up an a play date. We know Rocky would love to chat and Dakota would love to play!


Rocky and Dakota play in the snow!

“Rocky and Dakota, my two favorite Husky siblings! Just like human brothers and sisters, they’re always bickering and play-fighting with each other about who gets to eat the treat! But always at the end of the day they’re snuggling with each other lovingly. You could get lost looking into their magnificent blue eyes after a long day of play. We absolutely love having them with us each and every day!” -Sam Wing, Playgroup Supervisor

“What an amazing pair! Two of the most gorgeous pups (inside and out!) I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing! Rocky’s gentle soul and sweet ‘awoos’ are the perfect balance to Dakota’s spice for life! The epitome of brother and sister, they were simply made for each other! It’s been so amazing getting to know these sweet pups! We’re so lucky!” -Megan Godfrey, Manager

“I remember when Rocky first started coming to Roscoe’s and I thought he was so handsome and sweet! His eyes were so captivating and he was so gentle and curious. Then, almost a year later, I heard that he had a sister who was also going to be coming. I was so excited! Little did I know she was so spunky and playful and independent– much different than her brother but still just as cuddly and sweet! I love both these pups so much and they make for an amazing pair. They always follow each other around and Rocky is very protective of his little sister. I’m so glad I get to spend time with them!” -Chelsea Thompson, Playgroup Supervisor


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