Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Mr. Wilson

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We just can’t wait to introduce you to a very special and quite unique individual, Mr. Wilson Milbier! This fine gentleman with the funny feet became part of the Roscoe’s clan back in December of last year, and it’s been a non-stop parade of playing and prancing ever since! Half Retriever, half Basset Hound, and all love, we just know Mr. Wilson will warm your heart with his care-free nature and all around perky personality! After all, he might have a formal name, but he prefers a more laid-back approach to life.

Mr. Wilson makes friends wherever he goes!

Mr. Wilson’s story begins like many countless dogs before him: at an animal shelter waiting to be adopted into his forever home. Luckily for him, his mom was in the market for a cute and cuddly new addition to the family, and Mr. Wilson just happened to fit the bill! A volunteer at the shelter placed Mr. Wilson in his mother’s arms for the first time, and his mom notes how there was an immediate connection between them. She knew right away that they belonged together and she wouldn’t be leaving the shelter without him! The rest, as they say, is history, and Mr. Wilson and his mom have been inseparable ever since!

Indeed, so close is Mr. Wilson to his mother that in his spare time he can usually be found following her around the house from room to room trying to make himself useful. He might be short, but he can get stuff done! Of course, Mr. Wilson also likes to let loose and let his care-free nature fly! He often likes to sprint around the house as fast as his little legs can carry him, occasionally tripping over himself but getting right back up to run some more! He also likes to make a mess of the front yard by digging up some hardy holes, an act which his dad is not a huge fan of. Regardless, Mr. Wilson is quite a love bug and will stop anything and everything he’s doing for a good belly rub and a sweet snuggle with his favorite stuffed zebra toy. And as a reward at the end of a long day, Mr. Wilson is usually served a plate of only the freshest vegetables, frozen Primal meat patties, and a little goat’s milk to top it off. We think he definitely deserves it for being such an awesome pup!

Mr. Wilson is all smiles at daycare!

Of course, when he’s not running around his house, Mr. Wilson can be found running around Roscoe’s with all his pals and really letting his best self shine! His mom notes how his favorite part of the day is getting to go outside where he can really let loose his energy. Indeed, usually Mr. Wilson can be found roughing it up with the puppies or sunbathing in a nice sunny spot. He also is not shy around the camera and loves every minute of his photoshoots where he gets to show off his fluffy face and his funny, sideways feet! For Mr. Wilson, every day is the best day ever, and we’re so lucky that he gets to spend some of those days here with us!

If you want your pup to spend some days playing with Mr. Wilson, feel free to fill out our online form or drop us a line to set up a playdate. Mr. Wilson will truly be happy to meet you!


“What a unique pup! From his long body, floppy ears, fluffy tail, and adorable slipper feet, how can you not love his looks!? And he’s got a personality that outshines his handsome qualities. His smile is literally contagious to both humans and dogs alike. And best of all, no prescription needed to “catch” one of his smiles!!!” -Katrina Hamilton, Manager

“I love Mr. Wilson! His funny, little feet and cute, contagious smile make him such a joy to have in playgroup. He makes friends with everyone and I absolutely love to take his picture. He’s so photogenic! I also love the way Mr. Wilson runs outside and tries to keep up with all his bigger, taller friends. He doesn’t seem to notice that he can’t quite keep up and it never dampens his spirit! He never fails to make me laugh!” -Chelsea Thompson, Playgroup Supervisor

“I always have a wonderful day when Mr. Wilson walks through the front door with his funny, little feet! He’s a great pup who gets along with everyone, and is super cute too! We’re so lucky to have him <3”  -Lisa Jacoby, Manager

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