Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Katie

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It’s Christmas time, and boy do we have a present for you! Miss Katie Blake is pleased to make your acquaintance, and she can’t wait to shake your hand with her big English Labrador paws! Miss Blake is a sweet, seven-year old lady who started attending Roscoe’s back in February of 2018 and has been wiggling, jiggling and keeping us giggling ever since! So sit back and spend some time getting to know this sweet, New England gal, for she sure does have a story to tell!

Katie is all smiles at daycare!

Katie and her parents first met back in 2012 when Katie was still just a wee puppy. She was the runt of the litter and much smaller than her brothers and sisters, but still just as sweet and ready to find her forever family. Her parents came to view her on a warm, sunny day in May and she was the only puppy of the group who had wandered away to find some shade and relax on her own in the grass. When her soon-to-be parents approached, Katie welcomed them by putting her head in her new mom’s hand and falling asleep right then and there in the shade. From that moment on, Katie’s parents were in love and knew that they just had to have her! The rest, as they say, is history!

A full seven years later and miss Katie is now enjoying a sweet and simple life with her parents here in Maine. Unlike some of her more energetic Lab friends, Katie’s favorite activities tend to include eating and lots of sleep. Her days are usually filled with long, lazy naps, accompanied by her occasionally getting up when her dad makes a snack so she can stare and drool while watching him eat it (hey, the girl knows what she wants.) Katie also makes sure to get belly rubs on a regular basis by rolling over on her back and wagging her tail until her parents find that sweet spot. However, stop scratching before she wants you to and you’re going to spend the next hour or so with a very persistent paw poking you in the arm or resting on your lap (like we said, she knows what she wants!) When Katie is feeling a little more playful, you can bet she is off with her favorite puffin toy making it squeak and call just like a puffin would! In fact, her mom notes how she seems to like all toys that make an interesting animal sound other than just the classic squeak. Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Katie is a definitely a dog that knows what she wants!

Katie hanging out with all her puppy pals!

However, when not hanging out with her stuffed animal friends, Katie likes to head on over to Roscoe’s to see her doggy friends instead! She might like to snooze and snack at home, but when it’s time to “play with the puppies,” as her mom calls it, Katie just can’t get enough! She likes whoever and whatever crosses her path and is pretty much down for anything. Her human friends enjoy pampering her with lots of love and cookies and her puppy pals are always ready for a good romp with Katie around the agility ramps. Of course, she still enjoys the occasional nap and isn’t shy about getting her daily belly rubs! We’re pretty convinced you won’t find a happier dog at daycare! Thanks for sharing all your silly antics with us Katie!

Feel free to fill out our online form or give us a call today if you want your pup to join sweet Katie in her puppy play. We know she’d be beyond thrilled to meet you!


“Katie is the most sweet and petite Lab lady I’ve ever met! She always wants to snuggle and will never turn down a cookie! Having her at Roscoe’s is a privilege, and we always look forward to seeing her!” -Lisa Jacoby, Manager

“Katie is a perfect, wiggly, yellow ball of cuteness! When she’s not sitting by my feet in playgroup, she’s chasing the ball with her friends! Seeing her little face truly makes my heart swell. And lucky for us, she’ll never say no to a snuggle session!” -Elizabeth Chaplin, Playgroup Supervisor

“Katie is such an adorable, squat, little lab. I remember on her first day her parents telling us that she reminded them of a watermelon. Now, whenever I see her, that all I can think of! Katie always has a smile on her face and will never turn down a belly rub or snuggle. She’s always happy to see everyone and is very wiggly in the lobby coming in. Even if I’m having a bad day, seeing Katie makes it all better because I can’t help but smile!” -Chelsea Dahn, Playgroup Supervisor

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