The Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

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Let’s face it: having to go somewhere and leave your dog behind is a real bummer. Dogs, after all, are members of our family and it can be hard to travel without them, even if it’s just for one night. However, you’ll be relieved to know that choosing to board your dog at a daycare or pet facility while you’re away can have many benefits for your pup and even help to ease your own mind. So before you feel guilty or concerned about leaving your best, furry friend behind, consider the benefits of boarding.

Your Dog Will Get Plenty of Playtime and Exercise
Perhaps one of the best benefits of boarding your dog is that while you’re away having fun on your vacation, your dog will be home having fun on his! Boarding facilities provide many forms of enrichment for your pup including large yards to run in, balls to chase, toys to play with, pools to chill in, treats to beg for and agility gear to run around. The staff will also always be there to provide consistent attention to your dog and make sure he’s getting plenty of exercise while also having fun! In short, your dog will never be bored and all that mental and physical stimulation will ensure that he sleeps soundly through the night and will be ready for more play in the morning!

Your Dog Will Never be Lonely
Loneliness can be hard for your dog to endure while you’re away and eventually lead to greater problems like nervous behaviors or separation anxiety. However, choosing to board your dog will ensure that he never becomes lonely. On top of the constant care he’ll receive from the staff, your dog will also be in the company of other dogs who are ready to mingle, play and provide social stimulation for your pup. Dogs are great at reading the body language and emotions of their own kind so if your pup seems to be especially nervous upon arrival, you can bet his fellow canine friends will help ease his tension and bridge the gap between being at home and being at boarding. This will help your dog feel safe, secure and supported!

There is Security in Structure
Most daycares or boarding facilities follow a consistent schedule every day and this can actually be very beneficial for your dog. Knowing when to get up, when to eat, when to potty and when to play can help ease a dog who is stressed or scared because it provides a consistency that your dog might feel is lacking while you’re away. After all, dogs are used to their own daily routine at home and if this structure can be mimicked during their sleepover, then your pup will latch on to that stability. It might sound silly, but there is definitely security in structure!

Your Dog is Being Cared for by Professionals
One of the great benefits of choosing boarding while you’re away is knowing that the humans who you trust to care for your beloved pet are all certified, caring professionals in the field. Most facilities will have knowledgeable staff on hand who have been trained not only in animal care but in safety, health, and first-aid as well. While leaving your dog with a friend or family member during your time away also has its benefits, knowing your pup will be surrounded by professionals if (knock on wood) there were ever an emergency definitely puts the mind at ease. Plus, all-day care means you can call and check on your dog anytime you want!

It Will Bring You Peace of Mind
Often times when leaving a pet behind for any reason, it’s the parent who stresses the most. After all, it can be hard to trust someone with providing the proper care for your furry family member when every dog has his own likes, dislikes and personality. However, perhaps the best benefit of boarding is knowing that the people who care for your dog are doing so because they love what they do and genuinely want to make you and your dog as comfortable as possible. Your dog will wake up every day ready to play in a safe and structured environment with trained professionals who are ready to dote on your dog until you come to take him home. That kind of care brings peace of mind and allows you to go on your vacation, business trip or destination wedding without the added worry of whether your dog is being well-cared for.

We understand that no one can love and care for your dog like you can, but with all the benefits that boarding has to offer, you can book that ten day getaway in the Bahamas knowing that your daycare or boarding facility can come in a close second!

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