Roscoe’s Featured Friend(s) of the Month: Casco and Piper

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His name might be on the sign, but our own Roscoe Caywood is not the only celebrity to come and play here at Roscoe’s. This month we’re beyond excited to introduce you to Casco and Piper Harmon, two golden retriever siblings who serve as the frontpups for the handcrafted, organic dog biscuit company The Growlin’ Gourmet. Run by their parents, Piper and Casco serve as the spokespeople, taste testers and quality control pups for the bakery and take their job very seriously. But when they’re not helping out the family business the two goldens like kickin’ back here at daycare, becoming part of our faithful family since July of 2016. We think you’ll really like their unique story! 

Casco sunbathing

Casco and Piper’s parents first met them online through the rescue group known as Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue. They were a bonded pair that needed to go home together and were even referred to as “husband and wife” (awww!) After applying for both the pups and then waiting for several months with anxious anticipation, Casco and Piper’s new parents finally got to meet them in the quaint village of White River Junction in Vermont. The two goldens had spent 48 hours on an 18-wheeler transport truck to get to their new family but we think they’d tell you that it was all worth it in the end. After all, family knows no distance!

Piper hanging in the shade

Now-a-days, Casco and Piper prefer to spend their days hanging out in the backyard of their home where they can chase chipmunks and say hello to all the neighbors who walk by. You won’t meet a friendlier pair of pups! In fact, as mentioned by their parents, “both dogs seem very disappointed when somebody walks by the house and doesn’t stop to shower them with attention.” What divas! But although both the siblings love attention they do have very different personalities. While Casco, whose nickname is Casco Fiasco, is more mellow and reserved, Piper, known as Pipperoni, is much more outgoing and playful. Some of her personal pastimes are roughhousing with her very unwilling brother by chasing him around the house and biting at his ankles, as well as going to the beach and splashing in the waves. Casco, on the other hand, is just eager to please and is always looking for some love and affection. And both pups, of course, love to help with the family business by tasting treats and testing out new toys. You can bet they’re never disappointed!

Piper play-testing a toy

And just like at home, here at Roscoe’s the two sibling’s personalities fit well with their play styles. Both Casco and Piper can often be found sitting for treats and snuggling up to the playgroup supervisors, but while Casco prefers snoozing and occasionally playing chase, Piper loves to throw herself into much of the action and get down and dirty with her friends. And at the end of the day when it’s time to go home, Piper picks up her old habits and loves to chase, nip and roughhouse her brother all the way out the door. Sure, they might be different but we know that they love each other just the same!

If you would like your pup to play with Piper or snooze the day away with Casco, feel free to fill out our contact form or drop us a line to set up a playdate.
And if your pup would also like a sample of some delicious, organic, homemade dog biscuits made right here in Maine, check out Casco and Piper’s business at You won’t be disappointed!


“It’s always an absolute joy when Casco and Piper walk through our lobby door, enthusiastically declaring their arrival! Casco gives the absolute best hugs and it’s difficult to resist Piper’s big, brown puppy dog eyes. These two are always sure to brighten up my day!”  -Elizabeth Chaplin, Supervisor

“Piper & Casco are such an adorable golden duo! They always come barreling into Roscoe’s with big furry grins and enthusiastic hellos, ready to party. While they each have their own distinct personalities, it’s so sweet to see the bond the two of them share. They’re truly the embodiment of puppy love!” – Ashley Boucher, Owner

“It’s always a fun day when Casco and Piper come to play! This dynamic duo brings so much joy to my day. They always want love and attention and will even sit on your feet to get it! They are hilarious and full of energy when they are together, but they can also mold their behaviors to match that of the groups. We’re definitely lucky to have them and their goofy personalities with us at Roscoe’s!” – Lisa Jacoby, Playgroup Supervisor

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