Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Ronald Weasley

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It’s always a magical day at Roscoe’s when our favorite red-headed Gryffindor makes an appearance! Of course, we’re not talking about the famous, fictional wizard and best friend of Harry Potter but rather, our own best friend and furry sidekick Ronald Weasley! Unlike his novel counterpart, our Ronald is a two-year-old Australian Shepherd who got his acceptance letter to Roscoe’s Bed + Bark of Daycare and Sleepovers back in December of 2016 and we’ve been falling under his spell ever since! After all, he’s quite good at charms!

Ronald Weasley’s family first met him when he was only a few days old and still living with his dog mom and six siblings (sounds just like the real deal!) However, unlike the book, Ronald was the only pup born with red hair and even though his parents weren’t necessarily looking to get an Aussie, they couldn’t resist his cute little face! As his mom says, “We couldn’t imagine not having Ronald! He fits into our family perfectly, he’s our first born bear after all!” And, in case you’re wondering, Bear is one of his many affectionate and adorable nicknames which also include Ronald Bear, Bear Cub and, sometimes, Ronalonagus. Awww what a lucky pup!

You might think that in his spare time Ronald practices his magic and plays wizard chess, but in reality his favorite past times are swimming in the lake at his family’s camp and grabbing a quick snooze on the couch! Of course, it’s not all fun and games for this boisterous pup as Ronald takes family very seriously. His mom loves how protective he is of his humans, especially his five-month old little sister who Ronald adores. We guess that’s another thing he and his book counterpart have in common! And when Ronald’s had a hard day of playing and hanging out with his little sis, he’s rewarded with his favorite foods in the whole world; plain Greek yogurt and bacon. Yummy!

Of course, Ronald Weasley wouldn’t be Ronald Weasley if he weren’t attending school and going on fun adventures with his friends. Luckily for him, Roscoe’s is his Hogwarts and we couldn’t be happier that he’s attending! Apparently Ronald feels the same since, according to his mom, as soon as they pull into the parking lot he begins freaking out with excitement and practically drags her to the door. Once inside with all his pals, Ronald can be found with the craziest of the bunch chasing balls, playing tag and only stopping for a few treats. However, perhaps his absolute favorite activity would be going outside on hot days to play in the hose and go swimming in the pool! We might not play Quidditch here at Roscoe’s but to us, Ronald is definitely a keeper!

If you would like to follow Ronald Weasley on all his magical adventures, you can check him out on instagram at @aussiewizarddog
And if your pup sounds like a perfect playmate to Ronald, feel free to fill out our contact form so we can set up a playdate and let the magic begin!


“Ron, like his namesake, is everyone’s favorite friend! He always comes bounding into Roscoe’s ready for whatever fun his furry pals have planned that day. A day with Ronald Weasley is bound to be full of adorable adventure, and we’re positively spellbound by this handsome, happy guy!” -Ashley Boucher, Owner

“Ronald Weasley is just as magical as you would think! His smile and wiggly tush are sure to put a spell on you! Every day with Ronald definitely seems like a fantasy; he’s the life of the party and loves all his two and four-legged friends! He’s the best mascot for Gryffindor and for us at Roscoe’s!” -Megan Godfrey, Manager

“Ronald Weasley has such a zest for life! He bounces around the group with a ball in his mouth and always gets everyone playing! We always know it’s going to be a fun-filled day when he walks through the door!” -Lisa Jacoby, Playgroup Supervisor

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