Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Presley

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Elvis Presley might be the king of rock and roll but here at Roscoe’s, Presley Costigan is the king of having fun! Joining our family back in February of 2017, Presley is a two-year-old Pomsky who is 75% Husky and 25% Pomeranian, giving him the perfect percentage of sassy and sweet! He might not swing his hips or play guitar, but this perfect pup definitely knows how to work a crowd and we’ve been some of his biggest fans since the first day he strutted his stuff into playgroup! We think you’ll love him too!

Presley as a puppy!

Born on a family-owned farm all the way in Iowa, Presley and his parents met for the first time on a quiet, snowy night in December at the Portland Jetport here in Maine. Presley had just landed after a long flight half-way across the country and his parents had been eagerly awaiting his arrival. However, despite the cold and the snow and the long flight his parents knew it was all worth it because the minute they saw him, it was love at first sight! And who could blame them; one glance at his fluffy body, bushy fox tail and piercing blue eyes would have anyone smitten. He definitely was (and is!) a hunk, a hunk of burning love!

Nowadays, Presley, or ‘Pres’ as his parents call him, spends his free time as any dog should; hanging out with friends, cuddling with his folks, and chewing on furniture he shouldn’t. Indeed, when left unsupervised his parents remark how he always seems to chew on their expensive decor. However, when he is supervised and under the watchful eyes of mom and dad, Presley will instead substitute the leg of a chair or table for his absolute favorite toy in the whole world; a genuine elk antler! But perhaps Presley’s favorite past time would be heading outside for a good romp around the backyard where he can get all his zoomies out and burn off some of that husky energy. He seems to have no off switch! And after a good chew on his antler and a long romp in the backyard Presley will sometimes be rewarded with the best food a pup could ask for: McDonald’s french fries! Yummy! 

Presley hanging out with all his friends at Roscoe’s!

Here at Roscoe’s, Presley, or Pretzels as we affectionately call him, can often be found hanging out with the craziest of the bunch. If there are balls to chase, bubbles to pop, treats to beg for, and other pups to wrestle with, you can bet Presley will be there! He might be smaller than some Huskies and bigger than most Pomeranians but he never has trouble fitting in and he makes fast friends wherever he goes. His parents remark how his absolute favorite thing about coming to daycare is his love for other dogs and the rather spacious backyard where he can run and burn off his abundance of energy! We weren’t joking when we said Presley knows how to work a crowd and he certainly has gained fans for life out of us. You keep rockin’ and rollin’ forever Pretzels!

If you would also like to be Presley’s fan and follower, consider checking out his instagram at @presleythepomsky for regular updates of his antics. And if Presley sounds like the perfect new friend for your pup, feel free to fill out our contact form or drop us a line to set up a playdate. We know Presley will eagerly be awaiting the arrival of his new fan!

Presley goofing around!


“Presley is such a comedian! When I’m in group, he’ll pop his head through my legs and walk with me like it’s a trained act! In winter, Presley loves his zoomies through the freshly fallen snow in the backyard. He’s totally in his element there but good luck catching him to come inside! ;-)” -Elizabeth Chaplin, Shift Supervisor

“Presley is the fastest little fluff nugget that ever was. He loves to run, play chase, play some more chase, and run again. He is in his element when there is snow, and there’s always a party when Presley comes to play!” -Katrina Hamilton, Manager

“Presley (or Pretzels as we all call him!) is such a goofball! He walks in like he owns the place and is always ready to strut his stuff for his friends and admirers! I love the way he always walks in-between my legs and his bright, blue eyes are so expressive.When he first started coming I thought he looked just like a stuffed animal! Roscoe’s just wouldn’t be the same without Mr. Presley.” -Chelsea Thompson, Playgroup Supervisor  

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