Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Pablo

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When you think of the dog of your dreams do you imagine a big, cuddly, well-traveled, ball-loving, bar-hopping, Scottish Pit Bull? If not, we think our newest featured friend will change your mind! Meet Pablo Salaris: he’s a 3 year old Pit Bull mix who joined the Roscoe’s family in December of last year and oh what a story he has to tell! As an advocate for Pit Bulls everywhere with his wide grin and loving personality, we know that Pablo will steal your heart just like he stole ours!

Pablo as a puppy in his new home!

Pablo’s story begins almost three years ago when he was still just a pup living in Glasgow, Scotland. His first family had decided to give him up after the birth of their new, twin babies and Pablo was re-homed with his current mom. On his first night in his new apartment, Pablo slept in a little ball on the floor across from his mom’s bed who worried that he might be sad and confused after such a big change. However, at 4am the next morning Pablo woke his new mom up to go to the bathroom and when they came back in, mom and dog ended up snuggling together on the couch watching old episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race until Pablo fell asleep on her chest. For the next few weeks that was how every, early morning was spent and to this day, Pablo’s mom swears he still finds comfort in hearing RuPaul’s voice. Needless to say Pablo found his forever home and, according to his mom, she has been wrapped around his paw ever since!

Pablo’s reaction to seeing Niagara Falls!

However, the story doesn’t end there! Eventually, Pablo’s mom decided to leave Scotland and return to her roots in Boston, Massachusetts. Of course Pablo was coming with her so he boarded a plane and was flown all the way to the States where he touched American soil for the very first time! There in Boston, Pablo and his mom lived for the next year until, once again, it was time to move to a quieter, more rural life here in Portland, Maine. Both are now very happy to be living in Vacationland and Pablo especially seems to be right at home. Indeed, Pablo has quite the social life and enjoys everything from hanging out at the dog park with his pals to grabbing a quick drink at the local bars and pubs, many of whom know him by name. Pablo also enjoys running errands with his mom and takes many trips to Lowe’s (who are dog-friendly!) and Planet Dog where he gets all the love and many cookies! And as if that wasn’t enough for an already well-traveled dog, Pablo and his mom recently took a road trip where Pablo got to taste his first Philly cheesesteak, stay at a dog-friendly brewery/hotel in Ohio, and even visit Niagara Falls! We think it’s an understatement to say that you are one lucky pup, Pablo!

Pablo hanging with his pals at Roscoe’s

Of course when not traveling the world, Pablo makes time to see his friends here at Roscoe’s where he barks, wrestles, and runs around with the most spunky of pups. According to his mom, “Roscoe’s is one of Pablo’s favorite places in the whole world. From sniffing all the way to the front door, to being greeted lovingly by his people, to getting to hang with his pack, I don’t think there is one thing Pablo doesn’t love about Roscoe’s!” Awww, we love you too Pablo! And who wouldn’t? Anyone who meets this hunk of a dog would agree that his loving, outgoing, and kind personality is the best thing about him. As an ambassador for Pit Bulls everywhere, Pablo has helped change many people’s minds about the breed with his big, goofy grin and even bigger heart. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you Pablo!

If you would like to see more of Mr. Pablo and follow along on his amazing adventures (most of which take place at breweries), check out his instagram at @goodboygoodbeer
And if you would like your dog to hang out with Pablo and chat about his life, feel free to fill out our contact form or drop us a line to set up a playdate. Pablo loves making new friends! 


Pablo seated at one of his many breweries

“Everything about Pablo is adorable– from his big head to his bold personality! The party definitely gets started when he walks into playgroup, and he has so much fun making friends and eating cookies all day long!” -Lisa Jacoby, Playgroup Supervisor

“Pablo is always showing us that big, beautiful, pittie smile of his! He’s such a gentleman who gives the best kisses and is really one smart cookie!” -Elizabeth Chaplin, Playgroup Supervisor

“Where to start when it comes to all the good that comes out of Pablo? He’s like a comet really. He has this beautiful bounding spirit and vivacious energy that infectiously steals a group to his playful ways, before he burns it off and out and just needs a little love and a rub down to perk him back up. There are friends at Roscoe’s whom you see come through the door and they instantly perk you up, and Pablo does just that when he saunters in with his chin in the air and his body in a full wiggle as he comes to greet you! A very smart boy who has so many goals set for him as he grows and whether he realizes it or not he works hard with is everyday to reach them and we couldn’t be more proud of this perfectly, peppy pup. If you don’t immediately get sucked into those wistful eyes your heart will melt from his proud prance. We love Pablo and are so happy to have him here!” -Trace Pierce, Manager

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