Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Libby

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Little lady Libby is here to say hello and we’re so excited to introduce her to you! Libby is a one-year-old miniature Goldendoodle who came to Roscoe’s in July of 2018. She stole our hearts with her sweet little smile, curly golden hair, and cheerful demeanor that would make anyone putty in her paws! She is the queen of making friends and we couldn’t imagine our pack without her presence. We just know you’ll love her too!

Libby as a baby

Like many relationships now-a-days, Libby and her parents first met online on the Facebook page of a breeder here in Maine. Libby’s mom and dad had been talking about getting a puppy for months when two Goldendoodles suddenly became available. Her mom jokingly texted her dad that they should get one and to everyone’s surprise, he responded with a “Let’s do it!!!” Two days later they drove two hours to visit their new curly-haired babe and it was love at first sight! Libby went straight up to her mom to say hello and began playing with her dad like she had known them all along. Any hesitations they had about her disappeared and exactly one week later they were ready to take her home! It wasn’t long before miss Libby became the queen of the household and, as her mom remembers it, “her dad’s set in stone rules of no sitting on the couch or sleeping in the bed didn’t last longer than 6 months.” And with her sweet, little face and soft, floppy ears it’s easy to see why!

Libby and best friend Max sharing a snack

Since then, Libby has enjoyed a life that every puppy dreams of: swimming in the Maine ocean, playing in the fresh snow, finding sticks to play fetch with, and snacking on delicious carrots and frozen blueberries. Libby also enjoys chewing on her plethora of squeaky toys, especially one named Biscuit who she cuddles with every night. However, perhaps Libby’s favorite activity would be hanging out with her favorite friend in the whole world, her grandparent’s Siamese cat named Max. She and Max do everything together from sharing treats and food to play-wrestling like two dogs. Her parents aren’t sure if Libby thinks she’s a cat or if Max thinks he’s a dog, but it sure is adorable to watch! Like we said, Libby makes a friend of anyone!

Libby hanging out with all her pals at Roscoe’s

And speaking of friends, Libby has a ton of them here at Roscoe’s!  She first starting coming to daycare when she was only four months old and it wasn’t long before she had won over the entire pack, both two-legged and four-legged alike! In fact, she tends to get so excited that she will literally jump four-feet in the air! You can usually see her adorable, curly face popping up over the fence whenever a new friend arrives to play or when her parents come to take her home. Indeed, little Libby is quite the acrobat and you can usually find her running up and down the ramp outside or doing somersaults off the legs of her human friends for some treats. It’s never a dull moment when Libby is around and we feel so grateful to have her as a furry friend. You jumped right into our hearts, princess!

If you want to follow Libby’s adventures outside of daycare or just need more adorable doodles in your life, follow her on Instagram at @libbythedood. We know you won’t regret it!
And if you want your pup to be Libby’s new best friend, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call to set up a playdate. The more friends the merrier!


“Libby is such a fun little fluff-ball. It’s so cute how she loves to be your shadow– wherever you go she’s bouncing and wiggling along with you! It never ceases to make me smile!” -Asher Close, Playgroup Supervisor

“When I see Libby leap and bound into Roscoe’s I know we’re in for a treat! Her spunky personality brings excitement into the playgroup and it’s great watching her wrestle around with all her friends. Her jumping abilities are also impressive as she will spring into your arms to get some extra love!” -Lisa Jacoby, Playgroup Supervisor

“Libby is the cutest little dood! I love the way she leaps up to almost my head when she’s excited or wants some treats. I always have Libby with me in the little-dog group and there is never a dull moment when she’s around. She makes friends wherever she goes and likes to wrestle with the best of ’em. She’s also great at follow-the-leader and is happy to give me kisses or some snuggles for a cookie. Little Libbs is just adorable to me.” -Chelsea Thompson, Playgroup Supervisor

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