Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Jackson

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We’re super excited to introduce you to our favorite black-beauty with the spotted tongue, Jackson Christy! Jackson is a Black Labrador/Hound mix who is roughly four and a half years old and began attending Roscoe’s all the way back in July of 2016! He has an insatiable appetite for life (and food!) and we just know that you’ll love him as soon as you meet him. It’s sure hard not to!

Jackson begs for a delicious donut!

Jackson and his mom first met three years ago on Halloween day at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. Jackson was originally a southern dog from Mississippi and his mom notes how he maintains that southern-boy charm to this day! Jackson’s mom knew right away he was the dog for her and she wasted no time in adopting him that same visit. Like we said, you fall in love as soon as you meet him! Once home, Jackson’s mom reflects how he “settled in very quickly and made himself right at home! He had no problems claiming my bed as his own the first night and that hasn’t changed.” We definitely think you deserve it Jackson!

In his spare time, Jackson, who sometimes goes by Bubba or Jackson James, likes to catch up on his beauty sleep by venturing from his spot on the bed to his spot on the couch. He might not technically be allowed, but we won’t tell if you won’t! He also can’t resist a nice sunny spot on the floor where he can stretch out and absorb all that radiant sunshine. It sure does sound nice! However, this pup does more than just snooze the days away as Jackson also has a love for the finer things in life, such as playing with his extensive toy collection. A squeaky donut, a furry hedgehog, and an alligator that crinkles are just a few of the treasures he’s collected over time and we think it’s safe to say that he’s very proud of them. But don’t worry, he loves to share! However, perhaps one of Jackson’s greatest joys in life is his love of food. Raw, baby carrots seem to be his go-to snack and he’ll do anything (we mean ANYTHING) for a cookie. Just don’t be late serving him a meal or he’ll be very cranky!

Jackson naps on his own bed

When not catching up on sleep or tossing those squeaky toys around, Jackson likes to hang out around the water bowl at Roscoe’s exchanging some chit-chat and waiting to be served lunch in one of the luxury suites. In fact, whenever he hears the ever familiar sound of metal bowls clanking in the kitchen, Jackson will turn into quite the jumping bean, popping his little black head over the top of the fence trying to catch a peek at his kibble. Did we mention that he loooves food? However, when lunch time is over Jackson can be found mingling among his friends or chasing after a ball if the mood suits him. He also is quite the showman as he loves to sit up straight on his hind legs and balance for a moment or two if you promise him a cookie. It’s no wonder he’s such a hit with the staff here, it’s hard not to love a man who knows what he wants!

If Jackson sounds like your kinda guy and you’d like to follow his adventures online, check out his instagram page @jackson_james_in_me for more fun.
And if you’d like your pup to play alongside Jackson, feel free to fill out our contact form or drop us a line to set up a playdate. Jackson can’t wait to meet you!


I love seeing Jackson’s happy little face in group. He’s always right by your side looking for love (or some extra treats if he can convince you). He’s even cuter when he shows off his tricks! He never fails to make my day better.” -Asher Close, Playgroup Supervisor

“Jackson never fails to put a huge smile on my face! His enthusiasm for treats and lunchtime (and then some more treats!) knows no bounds. He loves to show you just how well he can ‘sit pretty’ on just his two hind legs. Jackson never fails to charm both our staff and his friends each time he comes to play!” -Elizabeth Chaplin, Playgroup Supervisor

“Jackson is such a ham! He definitely is the class clown and knows how to get the other pups to join in on his fun. The way he sits for treats and turns into a little hopping bean when it’s time for lunch just kills me. I always look forward to seeing his little, black head bopping up and down from behind the fence. Plus, he always gets me excited for snack time!” –Chelsea Thompson, Playgroup Supervisor

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