Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Frito

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Who doesn’t love a good Frito? No, we’re not talking about the delicious corn chip but rather the scruffy, scrappy, adorable little 14-month old chihuahua mix, Frito Morcom! Frito became part of the Roscoe’s pack back in May of 2018 and has been such a sweet treat ever since! She may be tiny, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality and pizzaz! And just like her chip counterpart, once you get a taste of Frito you can never get enough!

Frito’s adoption picture which made her moms fall in love!

Like many modern relationships, Frito and her moms found each other through the magic of the internet. Her moms had wanted a dog for long time and when they saw Frito’s sweet and innocent face listed on the Facebook page of an animal rescue group, they immediately fell in love. Frito’s parents filled out her adoption papers that very night and after a quick, Skype interview they received the best email ever: Frito was going to be their’s! At the time, Frito was being fostered by a woman in Brewer, Maine so her parents took the two-hour trip to pick her up and were immediately smitten by het tiny, 4-pound self! As one of her moms recounts, “We were all a little shocked at how small she was (and scared that we’d step on her!) but she settled right into things after a few days. She loves her pack and has been the best little girl!”

Fast-forward about a year and Frito now not only partakes in many

Frito’s queenly throne on the back of the couch!

fun activities, but also has quite the social life! She has found a best friend in a Pug/Boston Terrier mix named Biggie Smalls whom she met while galavanting along Willard Beach in Portland. The two share many funny stories together, and it’s easy to see why her sociability and enthusiasm for life are some of her best personality traits! Of course, it’s not all fun and games, and on days when Frito can’t make it to the beach, she can be found perched on the back of the couch like a queen on her throne, surveying the lands and keeping a close watch on all those who wander by. She also has the hard job of ripping the fuzz out of all the destroyed stuffy toys and stealing a square or two of toilet paper when no one is looking. Hey, it might not be a conventional job but someone has to do it!

Frito and her best friend Biggie Smalls roughing it up!

When not at work or wrestling with her bestie at the beach, Frito likes to expand her wide social circle by coming to play with all her friends here at Roscoe’s! She can usually be found hanging out with the other littles and running up and down the agility ramps where, like the back of the couch, she likes to perch and view her kingdom. She might be small, but this little corn chip thinks big! However, perhaps Frito’s favorite activity is to pose for photos taken by her human friends where she is constantly praised for her adorable, scruffy face and perky ears! Indeed, her moms are amazed that we can make her sit still long enough to snap a pic but when you’re as confident as Frito, you like to flaunt it! You keep being you, Frito!

If you would like to sneak a peek into the life of Frito, check out her personal instagram @frito_bito_bandito and get ready for an adorable treat!
And if you have a pup who would like to be included in Frito’s social circle, feel free to fill out our online form or drop us a line to set up an a play date. We know Frito would just be over the moon to meet ya!


“Frito is a magical creature! When she shows up for the day, it becomes an instant highlight. One cute little puppy has now grown up to be a lively, lovely lady. Frito is everyone’s best friend, human or pup. I consider myself lucky to know her!”-Katrina Hamilton, Manager

“Frito is nothing less than the most amazing! From her perfect, corn chip size to her group greeter personality, Frito is just awesome. She is truly the best greeter, everyone is her best friend, what’s not to love?! She’s truly is one of the cutest pups I’ve ever met, she’s hands down a Roscoe’s role model!”-Megan Godfrey, Manager

“Frito may be little, but she has a giant personality! She’s so sweet and makes friends with any pup, big or small! She is always ready to go and it’s something we all really admire about her!”-Lisa Jacoby, Manager

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