Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Frankie

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It’s the new year and what better way to kick off 2019 than with making a new friend? We know a cute little 2 1/2 year-old boxer who would love to be besties! Frankie St. Pierre began attending Roscoe’s back in August of 2016 and we promise that you won’t find a friendlier, wigglier pup! We can’t wait to share her story with you!

Frankie snuggling on the couch at home

Frankie and her family first met when she was still just a puppy living in New Hampshire. Frankie was the runt of the litter but that didn’t stop her from showering her new parents with puppy kisses when they came to visit. Her parents remark how she was the only pup to give them so much attention and it was her adorable, little kisses that sealed the deal. So really, it’s more like Frankie chose them! Mom and dad then left to eagerly await the day they could bring her home and were treated to weekly pictures of their new baby until it was time to pick her up. Frankie’s mom mentions that on her first night home she “settled in nicely and at bedtime snuggled up on [daddy’s] pillow, put her little chin on his neck and shoulder, and fell asleep. And that was it! She has slept in our bed ever since!” We can just picture it now; Frankie has always been a little snuggle bug!

Frankie playing with one of her squeaky balls!

Frankie is now an adult dog with a personality all her own! She has gained herself the nicknames Miss Frankie, Franks or Lady Francis Edwina of Wiggle Bottom for more formal occasions. However fancy the occasion might be though, Frankie is always ready to invade your personal space. She has to be touching someone at all times and the more excited she is to see you the more wiggly her butt will become! Her mom even remarks how Frankie must always sleep on the bed with her curled up right behind mom’s knees. Talk about clingy! However, just because Frankie always wants to be around her humans doesn’t mean she doesn’t take time for herself. A good game of fetch, a romp around the beach, hiding her bones in her parent’s bed, spreading her toys all around the house; these are just a few of the things that make Miss Frankie happy. However, perhaps her absolute favorite activity (can we call it an obsession?) would be to play with squeaky balls. You can often find Frankie rolling them around the house, falling asleep with them still in her mouth, or endless searching for her squeaky ball if it has been put away. What can we say? She’s definitely a girl who knows what she wants!

Frankie hanging out with her friends at Roscoe’s!

And speaking of things that Frankie loves, coming to Roscoe’s to hang out with all her friends is definitely one of them! Her parents say she is always excited to get her day going at daycare and she practically runs to the front door every time! (She also enjoys her time away from those frightening felines she’s forced to live with, but you didn’t hear that from us!) Once in the yards, Frankie can be found chasing after the ball with her more frisky friends and singing along in the choir during music lessons. She also loves a good butt scratch or two and still has no sense of personal space when it comes to her human companions. Lucky for her she’s so darn cute! And at the end of the day after all the balls have been chased and her friends have been wrestled, Frankie enjoys a quiet nap on the beds where she dreams of heading home to treat herself to some scrumptious goat cheese. We’re so happy that we get to share in all the fun Frankie!

If you would like your pup to be besties with Frankie, feel free to fill out our contact form or drop us a line to set up a play date. We know Frankie is always ready and willing to expand her posse!

Frankie modeling on the beach!


“Ever since day one, Frankie’s had an adorable bounce-and-pounce routine she does whenever it’s time to go home. Whether coming or going, Frankie’s wiggly jumps always make me smile!”
-Vanessa Gikas, Manager

“Frankie has always been one of my favorites!¬† She’s always so easy to excite and I love how she spins in circles and wiggles around the yard. It’s hilarious to watch her play ball and hold it with the very corner of her mouth. Frankie has even found a best friend here at Roscoe’s! Whenever they are in the same group they’ll always play and zoom around together. Even on the other side of the fence they can be seen bouncing up to see each other! I always look forward to seeing Frankie in group!”¬†-Ashley Corbeu-Hasenflu, Playgroup Supervisor

“The only thing better than Frankie’s amazing puppy eyes is her wiggly bum! Nothing makes me happier than seeing her hop and skip her way through the door or do her famous leaps into her mom’s arms! Frankie might be pint-sized but her personality is as big as her friend group; she loves all her gal pals! It’s been so wonderful to see her grow into such a beautiful lady!” –Megan Godfrey, Manager

Ready to join the pack?