Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Frances

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We hope you’re ready to meet one lovely and lively labradoodle because miss Frances Sedlack is definitely ready to meet you! Frances is a 3-year old Australian Labradoodle who joined the Roscoe’s family back in 2016 and has been wagging her way into our hearts ever since! And with her soulful, golden eyes and cute, crooked tail who wouldn’t be smitten with this classy and loyal lady? We know you’ll be head-over-paws for her in no time!

Frances and Trudy hanging out

Frances and her parents first met when she was still just a pup living with her fur-family at Pine State Australian Labradoodles right here in Maine. Although the transition from one family to another can be stressful for some dogs, Frances’ mom reflects on how easy it was for her to settle in and how simple the whole process seemed. As she puts it best, “Frances was part of the family from the beginning!” We think it was a match made in Heaven!

And speaking of family, Frances gained something of a little sister when she joined the Sedlack clan in the form of their family cat, Trudy. Luckily, Frances and Trudy took to each other quite quickly and now love to spend their time together snuggling on the couch or just hanging out and sharing sisterly stories. Of course, siblings sometimes need their space so when she’s not kicking back with the cat, Frances loves to spend her time playing with the other neighborhood dogs and sharing toys together. In fact, when she first moved in, Frances was gifted a lovely ladybug stuffy from her Labrador pal Dory, and it has since become her favorite toy! What else are friends for? But, like a true Mainer, Frances’ favorite pastime would have to be heading to the beach where she enjoys playing in the waves, taking casual boat rides, and snacking on her favorite thing in the whole world… stray crabs! Hey, you like what you like!

Frances going for a boat ride

Of course Frances, or Francois as she’s also known, likes to get down and dirty with all her friends here at Roscoe’s as well. Her mom reflects on how excited she gets walking to the front door and how genuinely happy she is to see not only her playgroup pals, but the big boss man himself! Indeed, Frances certainly brings a fun and carefree kind of energy to every playgroup she’s in and we’ve never seen her meet a dog she didn’t like! From the higher-energy pups who just want to play ball to the sleepy seniors who watch from the sidelines, Frances fits in with them all and makes friends wherever she goes. Even her human pals can’t resist her soulful eyes and during snack time, you can bet she’s the first pup to get her photo taken because she’s just so darn photogenic! It wouldn’t be Roscoe’s without Miss Frances to brighten our day!

Have a dog who would love to be besties with Frances? Feel free to fill out our online form or drop us a line to set up a playdate. We know Frances is more than willing to share some toys and make some noise with your furry friend!


Frances and her friend take a selfie!

“Francois! She’s just as fancy as her name! Despite being the most sophisticated lady, she’s always willing to show her friends how much she loves them! She’s always full of hugs for her favorite humans and kisses for all the pups she meets! She’s fun and fancy free and always ready for the next adventure! She truly is one of a kind and we’re so lucky to have her!” -Megan Godfrey, Manager

“Frances is the sweetest lady, plus she always gives the best hugs! And it’s really hard to resist giving her cookies when she looks up at you with those big, amber-colored eyes!” -Elizabeth Chaplin, Playgroup Supervisor

“I love when I see Frances peeking over the fence smiling at me; she’s always looking for someone to pet her! She’s such a sweet pup and she gives the best hugs too!” -Asher Close, Playgroup Supervisor

Ready to join the pack?