Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Flynn

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We’re obsessed with our newest featured friend Flynn and we can’t wait to tell you all about him! Flynn McCullough is a 6 year-old Border Collie / Labrador Retriever mix who has been part of the Roscoe’s family since April of 2017. He’s smart, he’s sophisticated, and he always has us smiling! You won’t meet a friendlier dog and we just know that if you give him a chance, he’ll wiggle his way into your heart. After all, just look at that face!

Flynn modeling on the beach

Flynn and his mom first met when she picked him up at a local farm when he was only eight weeks old. Flynn’s mom remembers how she only paid $50 for him because the litter Flynn was born into was deemed an ‘accident.’ However, we believe that some accidents happen for a reason and we think everyone would agree that Flynn and his family were meant to be together. After all, Flynn’s mom remarks how it was “the best $50 that I’ve ever spent on a ‘mistake!'” And who could argue with that? With his big smile, super soft ears, and soulful eyes, anyone would be lucky to have Flynn as a family member!

But it’s not just his good looks that have us falling for him; Flynn is also super loving and surprisingly calm. So calm in fact that in his spare time, Flynn likes to sleep, sleep and then sleep some more, with very little time for much else. But when he does feel the urge to get up and stretch his paws you can usually find him playing in the back yard of his home or out on walks with his mom where he finds and carries his favorite toy: any and all sticks! Indeed, Flynn is a dog of simple taste and refined culture who loves nothing more than to be in good company and help bring a smile to your face. Although, between you and us, he’s not above begging for food if the mood suits him!

Flynn hanging out with his friends at Roscoe’s

Of course Flynn, who has also earned himself the nicknames of Flinty, Flinny, or Flynn Zachary, always finds time for his friends here at Roscoe’s. He likes to hang around his fellow intellectuals and can often be found snoozing on a bed or relaxing by the water bowl. But honestly, his sweet personality and calm disposition are so magnetic that he makes friends wherever he goes. You’ll never catch him traveling alone! His mom reflects on how he loves being around other dogs and people so much that he “is always SO excited to be at daycare! And never happy to see us when we pick him up…” We’re flattered Flynn!

If Flynn sounds like the perfect new friend for your dog (and trust us, he is!) then feel free to fill out our contact form or drop us a line so we can set up a playdate. We know Flynn will be ready with a wet nose, wagging tail, and wide smile!

Flynn’s infectious smile!


Anytime I call to Flynn, he turns to me with the biggest smile and I can’t help but smile back. He’s so popular among the pups and the staff and always brings a calm and cheerful energy to playgroup.” – Vanessa Gikas, Manager

“Flynn is such a perfect man! He’s always eager to give you endless kisses while perched on the large indoor agility ramp. He can also frequently be seen chasing his tail round and round in circles! Seeing Flynn walk through our front door with a big smile on his face will never fail to brighten my day!” -Elizabeth Chaplin, Playgroup Supervisor

“Flynn is nothing less than wonderful and perfect! He’s definitely my favorite boy; I love his hugs and kisses, his absolutely perfect demeanor and, of course, his beautiful coat! And there’s seriously nothing more cute than watching him chase his tail!” -Megan Godfrey, Manager

Ready to join the pack?