Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Clifford

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Have you met Clifford the big, red dog? We’re not talking about the beloved children’s book character but rather the very real and very handsome 11-year-old Clifford Pizzo! Clifford, who joined the Roscoe’s family back in June of 2016, might not be as large as his storybook counterpart but he’s just as loyal, just as fun, and just as red! And after meeting him, we know you’ll think so too!

Clifford taking a selfie with his mom

Like many loving and wonderful dogs before him, Clifford’s story began in a shelter where he and his mom met for the first time in February of 2015. Clifford had been found by the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland wandering the streets and was cared for by them for a whole three months before he met his family. He was even featured on their page to help him find his forever home! Luckily for him, his dashing good looks caught the eye of his mom and the day she went to get him was the day both their lives changed forever! Clifford’s mom soon learned of his strong and somewhat stubborn personality as well as his aloofness with her and her family. However, because she can be a little stubborn too, Clifford’s mom has come to realize that this is his best personality trait and, as she puts it, “I feel like I’m getting a taste of my own medicine because I’m stubborn too. It’s as if the universe purposefully paired us up so we could learn from each other.” If you ask us, we think it was definitely a match made in Heaven!

Clifford sunbathing on his grandma’s back porch

Despite his age, Clifford likes to spend his spare time training with his mom and learning new tricks. Because they’re both stubborn, it can make their work a little challenging and sometimes Clifford’s mind can wander. However, once Clifford masters a trick it makes the success that much more rewarding! It has also earned him his beloved nickname Goose- short for Silly Goose- the name his mom would always call him when he was being particularly stubborn or testing her patience. But it’s not all hard work and lessons for this big, red dog! When he’s not hitting the books, Clifford likes to hang out at his grandma’s house where there is a large, fenced-in yard and many squirrels to chase. In fact, hanging out on her porch with a nice, squeaky ball to chew on is probably one of his favorite activities. Clifford also has a particular pallet for tasty treats and goes absolutely nuts for walnuts (no pun intended!) He will always try to sniff them out and steal them if they’re nearby and you can bet that he won’t rest until he does! What a nutty dog indeed!

Clifford’s first Halloween with his mom!

Of course when he’s at Roscoe’s, Clifford knows how to have fun. He might not be a huge player and probably prefers the comfort of a nice ball or two over his dog pals, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the company. You can almost always find Clifford faithfully following a ball in the play yards or snoozing the afternoon away with his older companions, and he’s just fine with that. As long as he can be in the company of some friendly staff members and like-minded canines, he’s as happy as a clam. And when Clifford’s happy that makes us happy too!

If Clifford sounds like a guy your dog would love to meet and play ball with, feel free to fill out our contact form or drop us a line to set up an playdate for your pup. We know Clifford will certainly love the new company!


“Clifford is a big dog with an even bigger personality! He never ceased to make me laugh when I call his name and he gives me a big, goofy grin with a ball stuffed in his cheek and a tongue hanging out! And while playing fetch is his favorite past time, when I get tired he’s always down to just hang around from some cuddles!” -Asher Close, Playgroup Supervisor

“Our friend Clifford has a few loves in his life: treats, scratches on the neck, fetching the ball, and hanging out at Roscoe’s. You can tell his excitement by the sounds he makes, always on the hunt for fun! Not only do I get to look forward to lots of kisses when he’s around, by my throwing arm gets a workout as well!” -Katrina Hamilton, Manager

“My favorite big, red dog! He’s the perfect Clifford! The only thing bigger than Cliffy himself is his heart. This big, ball of love is a total heart throb and is always wearing his most perfect smile (probably because he sees a ball!) I just love the way he lights up when he runs in the door giving the perfect bro chest bump as his hello! It’s my favorite! He’s always ready to party!” -Megan Godfrey, Manager

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