Roscoe’s Featured Friend of the Month: Bean

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We’re super excited to introduce our newest friend to you: a happy-go-lucky, rather plucky, wiggly, waggy boy named Bean Shifflett-Kohler! Bean is 2 1/2 years-old and began attending Roscoe’s in October of last year where he quickly stole our hearts with his warm and wonderful personality! So what kind of dog exactly is Bean? We’re glad you asked! Bean’s parents actually did a DNA test on him and discovered that their sweet pup is primarily a Labrador and Staffordshire Terrier mix with some Chow Chow and German Shepherd thrown in for good measure. Many might call him a mutt but his parents like to refer to him as their own version of an Australian Dingo, (he really does look the part!) But whatever you call him, Bean’s 100% lovable and ready to share his story!

Bean rolling around in the snow

Bean and his parents first met at an awesome adoption event held by Maine Lab Rescue when Bean was still just a pup. Bean had traveled all the way from Georgia and was hoping to find a forever family who would love him and be ready to take him home. Luckily, the perfect one came along! According to Bean’s mom, it was love at first sight and it didn’t take long for the Bean we all know and love to adjust to his new family and home. Sure there were some chewed-up laptop chargers and destroyed shoes along the way, but the unconditional love and puppy breath made it all worth it!

Nowadays, Bean, or Mr. Big Paws as his parents like to call him, has retired from chewing up the house and instead engages in the everyday activities of a young, adult dog. A typical day for Bean usually includes eating some good food which, in his case, means some delicious freeze-dried moose meat, heading outside to chase some pesky squirrels around, snoozing on the couch for his afternoon nap, and then back outside to play some Frisbee with the parents before dinner. Yes, it’s the good life for Bean and he does it all with his friend and blue squeaky toy companion Toy Buddy by his side. What an amazing boy indeed!

Bean hanging out with all his friends at Roscoes!

Of course, Bean always makes time to hang out with all his pals here at Roscoe’s as well. His mom notes that his favorite part of daycare would be receiving all the love and attention from his human friends, but that getting to play on the agility equipment is a close second! That comes as no surprise to us as Bean has always been the adventurous type. He likes to associate himself with the more playful pups and can often be found climbing up and down the doggy ramps or roughing it up in a game of chase. Bean also knows how to use his soft, puppy-dog eyes to steal some treats from us silly humans as well as pose for a plethora of adorable pictures. He’s one photogenic pup and we’re so happy we get to spend our days playing with him!

If you want to share in Bean’s life and tag along on his adventures, follow his personal Instagram at @beanthepupper
And if you have a pup who would seem like the perfect playdate for Bean, feel free to fill out our online form or drop us a line to set up an appointment. We know Bean will be waiting with open paws!


“Nothing makes me smile more than Bean’s smile! He’s always the happiest and most wiggly pup! It’s such a joy to have a pup so happy come in and see his friends! He always brings so much pep and happiness to his playgroup! He’s my favorite, wiggly man!”-Megan Godfrey, Manager

“Bean is such a fun-loving, goofy boy! His sweet disposition and wiggly body fills our hearts up every time he is here. We love having him around and so do his doggy pals!”-Lisa Jacoby, Playgroup Supervisor

“What to say about Bean: he’s happy, he’s playful and carefree, and he’s always ready to make every day the best day! I love how wiggly his whole body becomes when he walks through the front door and how excited he is to see both his human and canine friends. He’s also always the first to play king of the ramp and he usually always wins! What a hambone!” -Chelsea Thompson, Playgroup Supervisor

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