About Us

Love. Simplicity. Community.

At Roscoe’s, we believe that everything we do should be based on love, simplicity, and community. We love dogs as much as you do – many of us are pet parents ourselves. Because of this, we understand that dogs aren’t just pets, but are members of the family. And though we know no one can love your dog like you do, we promise to do our best to come in at a very close second!

At Roscoe’s we value your time and appreciate how busy you can be. Hectic schedules are par for the course in our culture, so we make it a priority to keep the process of providing the best care for your dog as streamlined as it is thorough.

Finally, we care deeply about the community of Portland. Our city is one of the best in the world, and at Roscoe’s, we want to make it an even better place to be a dog and a dog lover. Keep your eyes out for our upcoming community partnerships!


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About the Founder

Ashley Boucher, Roscoe’s founder and co-owner, began her career in corporate retail as a footwear buyer for a large, international department store. With a busy and unpredictable schedule, Ashley found it difficult to find a dog daycare for her very large and energetic golden retriever, Roscoe. While there were many options, there were few that provided the level of service and transparency that would put her mind at ease during her long days at work.

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Ashley spent the next several years exploring how she could make it easier for busy families and professionals like herself to find quality care for their beloved pets. She partnered with best-in-class doggy daycare businesses in Florida and Chicago, working side by side with the owner operators of the businesses, gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to launch a safe and successful dog daycare business. To round out her experience, Ashley earned her MBA in Entrepreneurship from Boston University, where she wrote the business plan for Roscoe’s Bed + Bark.

Roscoe’s Bed + Bark was born of a clear need for a pet care service that gives pet owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pets are in the very best hands. Ashley’s goal is to provide simple, transparent, best-in-class service to all the pet moms and dads whose furry friends aren’t just pets, but members of the family.

In her free time, Ashley loves to travel, explore Portland’s food scene, and hike through the woods of Maine – with Roscoe by her side, of course.