10 Adorable Costumes You Can Wear With Your Dog

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Next month is Halloween, and that means a chance to dress up with your friends and family for a night of spooky fun. And while matching couple costumes can be really cute, have you ever considered dressing up with your dog? If not, we have some really adorable and creative ideas for you and your furry friend to try, because nothing is cuter than including Fido in the holiday fun! Just remember, the experience is meant to be fun for all, so if you notice your dog is uncomfortable, scared or reluctant to dress up, maybe try choosing a matching costume in which your dog can just be a dog (like Turner and Hooch or Shaggy and Scooby!)

Here are ten of our favorite matching Halloween costumes for you and your dog!

1. Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood is such an iconic fairytale, and it’s an easy costume to match with your dog! All you need is a red cape with a hood, a red dress, and a basket of goodies for grandma. As for your dog, depending on his size and shape, all you would need is a woman’s sleeping gown and cap or perhaps some gray, fuzzy wolf feet! Learn how at Make & Build Dog Stuff!

2. Batman and Robin
The ultimate bromance, Batman and Robin is an adorable and totally doable matching costume idea for you and your furry friend! Both costumes can be found online from various retailers, and are made for both humans and canines alike. Now you just have to decide who gets to be Batman and who gets to be the sidekick!


3. S’mores
This creative costume idea is fun for the whole family! In order to make s’mores you just need someone to be the cracker, someone to be the chocolate and someone to be the marshmallow. Typically, dogs are better at being the marshmallow because all you’ve got to do is wrap a king sized pillow around them and call it a day! You can get the full costume tutorial at Little Sloth!

4. Hotdog Vendor & Hotdog
This costume duo idea is great for smaller dogs like the Daschund, but can be paired with any breed! A red apron, a white collar shirt with a bowtie and of course one of those iconic, pointy hotdog vendor hats is all you need to complete this outfit! As for your dog, just google hotdog costume and enjoy the plethora of options!

5. Cat in the Hat & Thing 1 and Thing 2
This costume idea is great for a family with two dogs! Just pick yourself up a tall, red and white striped hat, a big red bow, and paint on some cat makeup to complete this look. Your dog’s costumes can either be bought online, or you can make them yourself using a blue feather boa and some red felt shirts! Be creative!


6. Dorothy & The Cowardly Lion
You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore with this outfit idea! Dressing as Dorothy is relatively simple if you have a blue dress, some bright, red heels and can wear your hair in pigtails. All your dog would need to complete the ensemble would be one of those adorable and totally affordable lion mane and tail combos! Alternatively, this matching costume idea can be paired with Toto if you already have a small or black dog! (Do they like to ride in a basket?)

7. Ash and Pikachu
Ash and Pikachu from the epic anime Pokemon are partners and best friends, and they make a great matching Halloween costume idea for your dog! Both costumes can be found online or can be made from home with clothing or materials you probably already own. Just pick yourself up some pokeballs and that iconic Ash Ketchum hat and you’ll be good to go!

8. Harry Potter & Hedwig
This costume idea is super cute and super recognizable! To dress as Harry (or any Hogwarts student for that matter) just order some wizard robes or a Gryffindor tie, pick up a pair of cheap, round glasses, and paint on a scar to complete the look. As for Hedwig, buy or make your dog an adorable owl costume that’s all white, or just slap on some wings and tie a letter to your pup’s leg!


9. Han Solo & Chewbacca
Han Solo and Chewy would do anything for each other, just like you and your dog! Han’s outfit has a lot of little parts but shouldn’t be too complicated to throw together, especially if you get creative! You can also purchase it online from multiple different retailers if you feel like you’re not up for the challenge. As for your furry friend, you could simply make Chewy’s iconic belt to wrap around your dog’s body, or buy the full outfit online to complete the look!

10. Santa and Mrs. Claus & the Reindeer
This costume idea is great because it’s easy, brings two holidays together, and is great for a many-dog household! Santa suits are easy to make and to come by, and the matching Mrs. Claus outfit can be completed with just a red dress and white apron, a red mop hat, and some fuzzy white slippers or sleeve cuffs. As for the reindeer, simply tie some holiday antlers onto your dog’s heads and strap some bells around their necks or feet. It might be loud, but it will be oh-so magical as well!

We hope we got your creative juices flowing with these ten, great costume ideas to match with your dog! If you have other great costume ideas or end up trying any of ours, let us know online or tag us in any pictures using #roscoesboocrew. And, as always, have a safe and spooky Halloween!

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